Videography, Motion Graphics & Copywriting

Independent Contract

Snuggle-Pedic aims to transform sleep environments into a sweet escape from everyday worries, stress, and aches and pains. Believing that getting into bed after a long day should be a moment of bliss we look forward to, not one that we dread. By turning our beds into the perfect castle of comfort, we make getting a great night’s sleep a consistent joy that everyone can indulge in. At Snuggle-Pedic, comfort equals care, and we care a whole lot.

Create a series of seasonal/ promotional pieces formatted for social media that positions Snuggle-Pedic as a premium sleep product.

Utilized graphic design, videography, photography and motion graphics work to convey company’s message.

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Creating online moments for our partners.

Designing overall layout and aesthetic for websites. Coding sites, landing pages, functional prototypes, mobile applications and  visually pleasing promotional assets that compliment a client's overall web-presence and digital brand.

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