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The North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) is an organization that maintains and operates toll roads, bridges, and tunnels in theNorth Texas area. Functioning as a political subdivision of the State of Texas under Chapter 366 of the Transportation Code, the NTTA is empowered to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects; to raise capital for construction projects through the issuance of turnpike revenue bonds; and to collect tolls to operate, maintain and pay debt service on those projects.


After several years the NTTA needed a website redesign that was refreshing and easy to navigate. We partnered with Mojo Creative Digital to assist them in making sure that all content and data from NTTA's previous site was transferred over properly and functional on both front and back end.


Over three thousand discrepancies found, documented, delivered and resolved for our client.

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We appreciate all of you guys' work and attention to detail, we're looking forward to working again soon.
Michelle Fakeri
Director of Business Operations
Mojo Creative Digital

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