Videography, Graphic, & 3D Rendering

Independent Contract

After visiting the Marathon Clothing Store and seeing Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Water, we purchased the product, and then created a 3D model of it followed by sending  the render to him via Twitter. Minutes later we were on Facetime discussing ideas and implementing strategies. Samiel & Ermias "Nipsey Hussle" Asghedom bestowed the honor upon us to create, strategize and assist with an official online campaign for their product.

Creating an innovative and well-polished set of marketing materials to clarify the brand’s positioning.

• Product Visualization via 3D model.
• Registered, populated, and promoted Instagram account, Gmailand Facebook.
• Written, directed, and filmed two full-length commercials formatted for TV and social media.
• Organized meetings with  influencers and the professional athletes Mike and Robert Garcia.
• Created branding guide.

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We appreciate you , we are looking forward to working with you more in the future.
Samiel Asghedom
Philanthropist & Entrepreneur

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The most valuable real estate in a digital world is the screen in front of your customer.

Creating online moments for our partners.

Designing overall layout and aesthetic for websites. Coding sites, landing pages, functional prototypes, mobile applications and  visually pleasing promotional assets that compliment a client's overall web-presence and digital brand.

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