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The Fego Gioielli line offers uniquely designed statement necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, using only the finest rare gemstones and high quality materials, sourced from places such as Italy and India. The large scale necklaces boast effervescent gems, featuring Dentritic or Peruvian Opals, Carnelians and Chrysophase paired with 18kt Vermeil or Sterling Silver. Custom designs are available upon request.

From the Hamptons to Hollywood, people have become enamored of Fego Gioielli Jewelry, quickly making it a must have for their collections.

Creating a well-polished ecommerce website that showcases the brand's products in a unique way while providing an easy-to-use seamless checkout process.

Produced the following work for Fego Gioielli.

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Melissa F.
Founder & CEO
Ecommerce Website
Fego Gioeilli

Jewelry designer Melissa Fego grew up in an artistic family in the New York area. Both of her Italian grandmothers as beaders and seamstresses, and her mother – an artisan herself, helped shape and influence Melissa’s love of working with her hands from an early age to create one-of-a-kind necklace and bracelets.
Although she spent years making jewelry in her spare time as a hobby, Melissa decided to pursue a career in business and finance. After attaining her M.B.A., she has spent more than a decade working in finance for an educational publishing company in Manhattan.

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