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Beignets (French term for pastry) are a New Orleans specialty and a popular dessert in Louisiana. They were declared the official state doughnut in 1986. Traditional beignets are fried dough served hot, topped with powdered sugar.The special way our dough is prepared and layered makes our beignets unique. Beignet Box beignets, are light, fluffy, airy and not too doughy. When fried and dusted with confectionary sugar, it becomes a melt-in-your-mouth, pillowy, powdered sugar perfection.Beignet Box launched its first pop up location at Tiger Stadium, in Baton Rouge, LA  summer of 2019 and has plans for expansion. “No longer will anyone have to take a special trip to New Orleans to enjoy the sweet romance of a delicious beignet." co-founder and owner Elizabeth Morris

Create a series of seasonal/ promotional pieces formatted for social media that positions Beignet Box as a quality food truck.

Utilized copywriting, video editing and color-correction, and motion graphical work to convey company’s message.

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Creating online moments for our partners.

Designing overall layout and aesthetic for websites. Coding sites, landing pages, functional prototypes, mobile applications and  visually pleasing promotional assets that compliment a client's overall web-presence and digital brand.

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