TLC Visits Smart Girls Foundation of Uganda

TLC Visits Smart Girls Foundation of Uganda

Investing in our future.

According to current studies  gender roles in Uganda are influenced by tradition as well as constantly changing social dynamics. Traditional roles of women in Uganda are similar to traditional roles of women around the world. These roles are largely domestic including housekeeping, child rearing, fetching water, cooking, and tending to community needs, and Smart Girls Foundation Uganda plan on adding to this list.

Each one teach one...

Giving back to the community.

During the pandemic that made the world stand still. A vast number of valiant and socially beneficial efforts were halted, while the severity of the situation deserved every precaution some missions need to continue regardless of the dangers of the pandemic. For example the mission of the Smart Girls Foundation to bring countless skills, education, and training to young women of all ages in the surrounding areas of Kampala, Uganda. This foundation does much more than just education. The foundation also took it upon themselves to distribute sex health products for less fortunate young girls and women, carving a place for independent girls and women in workplaces of Africa. Smart Girls Foundation allows inroads to STEM fields that most young women would not otherwise have access to. By educating and flourishing interest of these young girls, The foundation seeks to crave a new future with qualified and trained women and girls at the helm. In order to help support their mission, Torpedo Line Consulting established a web presence and website for the foundation. With plans of expansion to South Africa in the near future Smart Girls Foundation seeks to spread their message to other countries on the continent. Torpedo Land Consulting enabled Smart Girls Foundation to reach many more hearts and minds around the world, allowing for more funding and resources to be contributed to the foundation. All in all, Torpedo Line Consulting will continue to support the Smart Girls Foundation and their cause for a better future and tomorrow.